Environment Management System

Environment Management System

Environment Management System is designed for both public and commercial Environmental testing laboratories. It ensures testing results are fully traceable to known standards and quality assurance parameters throughout the entire sample life cycle. The inherent flexibility of the system allows the lab to continually adapt business processes to match customer needs and emerging regulations.
Our web based solutions create significant efficiencies and provide assurance that compliance is being proactively and effectively managed. Specialties Risk & Audit Management, Incident & Event Management, Carbon Management, environmental, CSR and compliance software, sustainability.


  • Completely web-based
  • Multi-location operations possible
  • Easy and convenient interface for incorporating changes in work procedures/ work-flows
  • Easy for incorporating new users and assigning/ de-assigning roles and responsibilities
  • Improves overall management
  • Control-desk feature for providing up to-the-minute overview of operations and numbers of job orders, samples and invoices waiting at various stages with appropriates drill-downs (dashboard).
  • Custom reports and queries as per specific requirements
  • User customizable report template designer to generate user desirable report formats.
  • Versatile functionalities to carry out day to day operations, billing, reporting, multiple branches of environment agencies, inventory etc., with centralized and total controlled user environment.
  • Helps in Efficient Management of the lab


  • Job order tracking
  • Sample tests tracking
  • Results storage
  • Report preparation
  • Calculators
  • Invoice generation and tracking

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