Environment Management System

Environment Management System

Other Management System

  • Document Management System
  • Inventory Management System
  • Material Management System
  • Calibration Record System
  • Quality Management System
  • EC Process- Environment Consultant

Environment Management System

E-LMS (Electronic- Lab Management System) is unique web based software, very essential for environmental testing laboratories.

E-LMS comprises your entire work flow of lab such as sample registration, sample testing, report generation, quotation/invoice generation etc. We have built-in calculators for different sample i.e. Air, Water, Soil etc. We have integrated all parameters & methods as per (Indian Standards) in the software.

We also serve to the environmental consultancy for their Environmental Clearance process, EIA Monitoring process etc.

E-LMS is very user friendly and helpful to enhance your competence. E-LMS`s facilitates you to take one step ahead towards paperless organization.


  • Dashboard
  • Test Request Form
  • ARC Form
  • Calculators
  • Final Reports
  • All Reports
  • Comparative Reports
  • Inventory Management
  • Material Accounting
  • EC/EIA Process
  • Scheduler

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